PsycFlex Counselling Services Adelaide
Why PsycFlex?
Why PsycFlex?

PsycFlex draws from a varied and well established range of psychological therapies to find the most suitable combination to meet an individual’s preferences and needs.

PsycFlex Counselling Adelaide

This is not a one size fits all, but a tailored approach that puts you at the centre of your path forward and helps you foster a psychology of excellence.

Counselling Service Adelaide

The core of your wellbeing lays in the relationship you have with yourself

Our practical techniques supply you with knowledge so that you can make informed choices about how to understand and manage your emotions, thoughts and behaviours. Your new skills help you build a better connection with yourself, and healthier relationships with others. Counsellors are trained to help people who may feel stuck, trapped, lost and overwhelmed, helping people face the challenges of life.

We offer a safe and healing environment to resolve the pain of grief and trauma, face fears and move forward finding peace and hope in your future.

PsycFlex Counselling Adelaide

What makes us different to a psychologist?

Counselling focuses on immediate and practical issues such as processing grief or anger, helping the client identify options to making important personal or professional decisions, or building better interpersonal or communication skills.

PsycFlex Counsellors are grounded and trained in the same techniques and theory as psychologists, However, counselling offers a unique focus on creating positive change rather than a clinical diagnosis. We are trained listeners and help you see the solutions to the problems in your life.

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