PsycFlex Rates & Rebates
Rates & Rebates
Rates & Rebates

PsycFlex is accepted by most private health insurance providers in Australia.

Your rebate will depend on your health provider policy. Full payment is required at the time or prior to service. Any rebates are the responsibility of the client. Ask your private health insurer for more details.

Counselling Rates & Rebates

90 min initial consultation: $225
60 min session: $150
90 min session $225
(Zoom appointments available)

Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling
Standard session: $225
Standard session 90 min: $225
Prepay and save buy 5 x sessions for $975. Reduces sessions to $195 each.
Time Line Therapy
3 hour session: $450
Executive Coaching
5 x 90 min sessions $975

Art Therapy
90 min session: $170

Intensive counselling

Advanced case management, coaching and behavioural transformation.

Prepay 8 x 90 min sessions up to twice a week $1520.
Reduces the 90 min sessions to $190 each.
Intensive Counselling

This is not your usual counselling experience.

This is a unique intensive counselling/couching experience tailoring all PsycFlex methodologies to the client’s specific needs.

This end-to-end outcome-based values driven approach consists of identifying and targeting your desired outcome. PsycFlex is devoted to helping you make the changes required to achieve this outcome. Let go of what is holding you back and break through your glass ceiling. Foster the excellence you are capable of.

Examples may include:

  • Developing a skill;
  • Performance anxiety management;
  • Performance enhancement;
  • Changing behaviour;
  • Developing new habits;
  • Designing new strategies to achieve the outcomes that you are seeking;
  • Giving up an addiction;
  • Life metamorphosis and transformation.
PsycFlex Rates & Rebates