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Counselling, Coaching & Hypnotherapy Services
Counselling, Coaching & Hypnotherapy Services
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PsycFlex – Fostering a Psychology of Excellence

PsycFlex is a warm and friendly counselling, coaching and hypnotherapy practice where you feel empowered to take ownership of your thoughts and feelings. We provide exceptional client centred therapies that help you free yourself from emotional pain and trauma and develop life long skills to align your head and your heart to create happiness and a life you enjoy living


It’s your mind. How do you want it to function?


They are your emotions. How do you want to feel?

Intensive Counselling

At PsycFlex we help you foster a relationship with your mind and your heart that helps empower you not hold you back.

Counselling is for everyone.

PsycFlex Counselling

Personal development through counselling and coaching is for everyone at any stage of life. Enhancing your quality of life by learning to understand your emotional and mental wellbeing helps you to develop your capabilities and unlock your full potential.

Finding happiness in life is not a destination you arrive at but a process of the mind that you cultivate. Counselling is not just for when there is pain and depression.  Prevention is better than leaving it until you are overwhelmed so …

Don’t wait for the emotional shit – O – meter to hit red.

PsycFlex Shit-o-meter

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Adelaide Examiner

PsycFlex is listed as one of the best Counselling practices in Adelaide by the Adelaide examiner:

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