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A transformative experience where you are empowered to make changes in your life, free yourself from emotional pain, and take ownership of your future.

PsycFlex is a trauma-informed practice, specialising in leading edge, evidence based, psychological methodologies and techniques.

PsycFlex’s mission is to provide an empowering experience that fosters lifelong skills in emotional mastery, mindful, successful, thinking patterns, and authentic self-confidence. Helping you to withstand uncertainty, overcome difficult life situations, and master the social and emotional skills required to thrive in modern society, education, and work.

PsycFex Trauma Therapy Adelaide

Kylie Jane Playford

Director of Counselling and Hypnotherapy
M.Couns, BA (Psych), PGDip Soc Science, Dip Hypnosis and NLP, B. Cont Art,

Kylie Jane Playford PsycFlex Counselling Adelaide


Kylie completed a Master of Counselling, a Graduate Diploma in Social Science (Counselling Studies), a Bachelor of Art, majoring in Psychology and Philosophy, and a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Kylie holds a Bachelor of Contemporary Art, practices as an Art Therapist, and is an artist in her own right.

Kylie is registered with the Australian Counselling Association, The Australian Hypnotherapy Association, The American board of Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy™ Association and American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and an associate member of ANZICATA.

Kylie is also a board member of the Australian Hypnotherapists’ Association.

Over the past 20 years Kylie has continued to improve and expand her talents and knowledge as a counsellor, including but not limited to the paradigms of:

  • Hypnotherapy,
  • Mindsight,
  • Positive Psychology,
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy,
  • Interpersonal Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing,
  • Solution Focused Therapy,
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy,
  • Internal Family Systems,
  • Art Therapy,
  • Play Therapy,
  • Narrative Therapy,
  • Neuronal-Linguistic Programming,
  • Time Line Therapy™,
  • Equine assisted Psychotherapy,
  • Polyvagal and Somatic Therapy and
  • The Gottman Institute of Relationship and Family Therapy.

Kylie is also a certified trainer of Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy ™ and NLP coaching.

PsycFex Trauma Therapy Adelaide


Kylie Jane Playford is a highly accomplished Counsellor and Hypnotherapist. Kylie draws on her diverse skills and knowledge to tailor an individual, client-centred approach to therapy. Kylie works across all ages, offering support to children, adolescents and adults and is practised in adapting psychological interventions to suit age-specific, developmental stages, and neurodiversity.

Kylie offers unique support not only for clients struggling with their own mental health concerns, but also to support the partners, and family members, of people who struggle with trauma, abuse, personality disorders, addiction and suicide. Her knowledge extends to relationship counselling, mediation, family support and divorce.

Kylie is experienced in assisting clients in preparing or going through legal matters. Kylie understands the psychological impact of the legal process and is knowledgeable in supporting clients through the emotional stress and strain of legal matters, court trials, proofing for trial, and mediation.

Kylie is also experienced in supporting clients through matters of fertility, infertility and abortion and the heartbreaking lows of miscarriage. Having first-hand experience in IVF procedures.

Corporate Governance
Kylie is a member of the board of the Australian Hypnotherapists Association, where she lends her experience in business administration and corporate governance, to contribute to the members of the association. Kylie is also a part of the ethics sub-community. Upholding legal and ethical issues, facilitating the coordination of workshops and ongoing professional training and development for the members of the association.

Executive Coaching and Workplace Wellbeing
Kylie draws on her early experience of being raised in family business and her practical experience of running her own small business and lived experience working in corporate culture. Kylie adapts her knowledge and skills to offer a unique experience aligned with business to bring mental health support though a coaching style into the workplace environment.

Skilled in group and workshop facilitation, training and coaching. Kylie has experience in collaborating within local businesses to hold psychosocial educational workshops including emotional intelligence, patterns of successful thinking, attitudes to success, leadership skills, ‘soft’ skill education, wellbeing workshops, and team-building sessions. Adapting her executive coaching to help mediate and support specific workplace culture, align corporate values and enhance team and individual performance.

Kylie first began her career over 25 years ago as a volunteer at Lifeline telephone counselling service. Quickly moving into a training roll where she was responsible for facilitating the training of new volunteers in the counselling journey modal of telephone counselling and suicide prevention. Kylie was a part of the team involved in installing the first government funded domestic violence helpline.

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